New Team Leader Doubles Conversion Rate At Robert Slack LLC in 5 Months

How the team leader of Hillsborough & Pinellas Team used Auctm daily to improve her team’s performance

Robert Slack & Auctm

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Broker/Owner: Robert Slack

Team: Hillsborough & Pinellas Teams

Team Leader: Samantha Boyd

No. of Agents: 45


FollowUpBoss CRM & Auctm

The team also uses Ylopo for lead generation and remarketing


105% increase in conversion rate in 5 months

2x closings per agent in the Hillsborough Team

4x closings per agent in the Pinellas Team


Robert Slack LLC is the ultimate lead generation real estate team in Florida.

Ranked at #1, the team is a giant in adopting the best technology practices. The Hillsborough & Pinellas Teams have 45 agents and are led by the team leader, Samantha Boyd.

Samantha was a first-time leader when she joined Robert Slack LLC. Not long after she became the team leader for Hillsborough and Pinellas Teams, they added Auctm to their tech stack to help them manage teams on the backend, learn more about lead flow and where they were slipping through the cracks.


The teams wanted a solution that would enable them to focus on:

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Data-driven coaching

A comprehensive set of performance metrics for impactful agent 1-1s and enhanced coaching opportunities

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Goals & Progress Tracking

Maintaining notes and tracking how the team and individual agents are progressing and goal setting.


Pipeline Inspection

Deep-dive into pipeline movement to check for agent performance blockers and conversions and prevent leads from falling through the cracks.

The Robert Slack Teams opt for the best in class technology in the industry for their teams. They were looking for a system to help them uphold their tech practices and significantly bolster their tech stack.

"Auctm gave me a focus point to work on and deep dive in a manner that improves our conversions tenfold."

Agent Performance
Check your agent performance and coach them using Auctm’s 1:1 Meets section



Auctm's Agent 1:1 Snapshot helped them adopt a data-driven approach to coaching

Samantha started using the Agent 1:1 Snapshot for her monthly 1:1s. The integration of the notes section made it easier to maintain notes, track the agent's progress, and set goals. Being able to deep dive into these key performance metrics for better coaching improved their conversion tenfold.

Pipeline inspection lets them have a transparent view of the movement of the leads and agent effort. It clarifies where the agents are falling short and makes them accountable for why their assigned leads are not converting.

"We've been able to maintain really steady conversions on the Hillsborough side, and Pinellas, we're slowly creeping up as well. And it is because of that data-driven coaching."

Inspect Pipeline
Identify bottlenecks in the pipeline and improve conversions with Auctm



105% Increase In Conversion Rates And Saving 40 Hrs/Month In Just 5 Months

Auctm helped the Hillsborough and Pinellas team leader maintain consistent coaching and data tracking. In just 5 months, both the teams saw a whopping 105% increase in conversion rates, and closings per agent increased 2x for the Hillsborough Team and 4x for the Pinellas Team.

Increased conversion rate
Closings per agent

Samantha was a first-time leader when she joined Robert Slack LLC. Auctm helped polish her coaching methods to drive more tremendous success in the team. It saved over 40 hours/week by eliminating the pain of manual data entry and data extrapolation.

"If I am being conservative, I can attribute at least half of that growth in conversion rate to Auctm. It helps me know where I actually need to coach. If I had to plot all of that data myself, I'd probably need a whole assistant just to do that for 40 hours a month."


Robert Slack LLC Team Leader shared some of her proven strategies to excel in the business

1:1 Meetings are crucial to your team's success only if you have the right metrics to look at and work on.

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Speed to Lead

The agents try to connect with a lead in the first 8 seconds beating every other call center and brokers trying to get in touch. Auctm helps them realistically track and work on the agents who are falling behind.


Attempts Per Lead

Samantha's teams follow the magic number of 12 attempts per lead. Auctm helps compare agent attempts per lead against team average and top agents to help track' prospecting quality'.


Pipeline Inspection

Checking the movement of the leads through Auctm's pipeline inspection helps her identify chokepoints, prevent leads from falling through the cracks, and gives her a focus point on where the agents need coaching.

"Auctm gives me the bullet points to have a performance deep-dive in 1:1 meetings in a short time. With some of my top producing agents, 10 minutes, and on average, I would say max 30 minutes with an agent."

Robert Slack LLC Uses Auctm For Their Team's Success, You Can Do It Too!

Hillsborough & Pinellas Teams drove a 105% increase in conversion rates in just 5 months! It is your turn to grow.