How Usaj Realty’s Conversion Rate Grew 2x In 90 Days Using Auctm & Follow Up Boss

Auctm + FUB with Usaj Realty

Quick Bytes About Usaj Realty

USAJ REALTY LLC Broker Owners: Anton Usaj, Jenny Usaj

A high-growth upstart team in Downtown Denver Area



Follow Up Boss for 2+ years


  • Leaderboard
  • Value of totals
  • Open API



Simple analytics for broker teams to help make better decisions faster


March 2021 to May 2021:


Conversion rate: 3.2% to 6%

Total no. of agents: 7 to 17

Avg. leads worked per agent: 60 to 133



Usaj Realty LLC is a premier real estate brokerage in Downtown Denver area

They are specialists in Denver real estate and property management in LoDo, Riverfront Park, and LoHi. Anton Usaj (Broker Owner at Usaj Realty), an ex-fireman, and his partner and wife, Jenny Usaj (Employing Broker/Owner), strive to provide value to the community, their brokerage, and to the clients through their work.

A brokerage with 25 people, Usaj Realty is a combination of a market-client focus that benefits both the broker and the client in the current real estate market, achieved through culture and collaboration.

The Usaj Team wanted to:


Become Data-driven

Integrate with other tools, get access to data, and maintain transparency


Improve Performance

Provide a framework to their agents for better performance and coaching opportunities


Analyze Bottlenecks

Make effective decisions as a broker and inspect chokepoints


Boost Profitability

Get a better ROI on their lead generation spend

Their previous experience with a popular CRM made them realize some of the challenges that were blocking their growth. Shifting to Follow Up Boss CRM over two years ago drove their business in the desired direction for success and changed their perspective. With leaderboards, having the value of totals, and getting to know what the team is doing, they realized how analytics can be a game-changer in the real estate business.

"If your CRM cannot adapt quickly to the other tools and best practices in software, you are left in the dark. FUB’s open API made it possible to pivot quickly and do what’s best for our business."


Usaj Realty’s usage of Auctm is an intrinsic part of their business decision-making

They begin the process by looking at the data of their team & agent performance, diving deep into leads, and creating customized coaching plans for struggling agents. It is then followed by a meeting with their marketing director to kickstart implementation of strategies discussed in the internal check-in meetings.

Team Performance GIF
Check your team performance, inspect pipeline, and conduct 1-1 meetings with Auctm



Lead Inspector GIF
Check your agent effort, follow up on pending deals, and leads with Auctm



Auctm is a tool that the team leaders regularly use to conduct high-impact 1-1s with their agents. The analytics assists them in creating a specific game plan tailored to each agent to improve their conversion rates.

Their Broker Success Manager leverages Auctm to keep a track of leads that have a higher chance of conversion.

"The Auctm and FUB integration encourages the agents to keep their database updated so that the numbers on Auctm are accurate. This also helps them increase the usage of their tech stack."


The Usaj Team has seen 2x growth in their conversion rate & the total number of leads worked

Usaj Realty strongly believes that every agent is their own boss. Weekly check-in meetings with agents using Auctm’s 1-1 meetings module has helped the team coach their agents leading to an increase in conversion rates. The significant growth in the performance of the team was a contributing factor to hire more agents. Before they started using Auctm, the Usaj Team had 7 agents in their team and now have 15 agents and 2 team leaders.

From a brokerage point of view, knowing what their ROI is, taking a snapshot of how the team is performing - who is doing well, who needs help, the email notifications that summarize all the important numbers have been incredibly instrumental in better team communication and coaching opportunities. Seeing the conversion rates spread out by Agents has helped in lead distribution as well.

Auctm with FUB

On Using Auctm With FUB

The seamless integration between Follow Up Boss and Auctm is a two-in-one solution for Usaj Realty. Auctm plugs in the CRM easily and allows agents and managers to focus on updating one tool. It has proved to be a single source of truth for the team, filtering the existing data into meaningful, actionable reporting and insights to enable better & faster decision making.

"Auctm removed all of the spreadsheets, data tracking and has automated so many things. FUB has performed nicely with updates and integration, and we are excited that Auctm is a beautiful layer on top to help with data analytics that allows us to see where the gaps are within our team, and make better decisions faster."


Why They Use Auctm?

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

Integrates with Follow Up Boss & transaction data source

Saves Time

Saves Time

Quick set up, maintains transparency and is automated

Boosts Performance

Boosts Performance

Improves agent & team performance with a deep dive into key metrics

Growth Oriented

Growth Oriented

Better retention through data-driven personalized coaching

Adopt The Data-Driven Way To Grow Your Business

Usaj Realty’s conversion rate increased 2x with the help of Auctm and Follow Up Boss. You can hop onboard, too!

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