The #1 Real Estate Team in Utah Added $17M Hot Pipeline In Just 4 Months Of Using Auctm

Ames + Auctm

Quick Bytes About The Ames Team

ABOUT Broker/Owner: Chase Ames

Director Of Buyer Team Operations: Jill DeMille

Operations Manager: Aly Ramos

Follow Up Boss CRM & Auctm

Auctm easily integrates with FollowUpBoss CRM


After 4 Months Of Auctm Usage:


176% More Appointments


$17M Hot Pipeline ($4M closed and pending)

Ames Team

Ranked #1 in Utah on Real Trends Large Team list

The Ames Team is a place where agents receive valuable training and coaching to put their best foot forward in every aspect of the real estate business. Based in Washington County, Utah, the team served 428 families in 2020. The Ames Team currently has 17 agents and consistently aims to provide a stellar service that goes beyond the clients' expectations.


The Ames team wanted to have an all-in-one solution that would help:

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Save Time

A platform that would not require manual data updation and seamlessly integrate with FollowUpBoss CRM

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Enhance Coaching

A comprehensive set of critical metrics for agent 1-1s and coaching to analyze bottlenecks in agent performance


Boost Profitability

A time-saving lead management process that would prevent leads that are most likely to convert from slipping through the cracks


Provide Insights

A platform that would give them actionable insights for team meetings to make data-driven business decisions

Before exploring Auctm, the team spent a lot of time adding manual data in their previous tools, individually checking each lead on the CRM to follow up on their agents, and getting access to other performance metrics to train and coach the agents.

"We've tried things in the past to strictly just have a CRM and another platform for my job as Operations Manager to help agents succeed. I wasn’t going to a single platform to check these numbers and see what our weekly meetings were doing. I can see that all here in Auctm."

Agent Performance

Create better coaching opportunities for agents with Auctm’s 1:1 meetings


An average of 15 minutes /day on Auctm saved 40 hours/ month

Using Auctm has helped the team’s Director Of Buyer Team Operations, Jill DeMille save over 40 hours every month away from multiple platforms for lead management and performance metrics.

Better Coaching & 1-1s: Jill checks the agent snapshot and the activity trend to check consistency in their efforts and connectivity. It helps her gather deeper insights if there are any red flags in the performance and what they need to improve.

Auctm’s Lead Management dashboard helps the team prevent leads from being dropped

It gives them the option to create custom rules and deep-dive into leads that haven’t been followed up on. Then they nudge their agents on the CRM through Auctm to get an update on those leads and get them to follow up or reassign the leads to some other agent or pool account.


Auctm’s high priority AI-model identifies the 20% of the leads likely to result in 80% of the closings. It helped Jill and her team focus on the most important leads that slipped through the cracks.

Lead Management

Prevent likely to convert leads from slipping through the cracks with Auctm’s Lead Management Dashboard


In just 4 months, the Ames Team saw a rise in their appointments and total sales volume

The quick integration and setup process by the in-house experts at Auctm helped the team get started right away. The Ames team saw a 25% increase in the conversion rate of one of the agents in the second quarter after using Auctm for 4 months. Two other agents also saw a massive increase in their appointments.

They also saw a jump of 176% in their total appointments between Q1 and Q2 after they started using Auctm.



A shift in their lead management process added 50 more appointments and saved leads that were likely to convert from falling through the cracks. The lead management dashboard helped them nudge the agents to work upon 230 leads that were breached, out of which:

  • 17 leads are currently in the hot stage pipeline
  • 4 leads in the pending stage, and
  • 4 closed deals
The Ames Team generated over $17 million total sales volume ($4 million in closed & pending) from the breached leads with the help of Auctm’s Lead Management Dashboard.

“These results are a definite eye-opener for me. This is why I love Auctm, and I want to dig in a lot deeper and use it a lot more than I have been.”


Why they use Auctm

It has helped them gain a razor-sharp focus on critical aspects of their business and make the agents succeed. Using Auctm makes their agent 1-1s and lead management process easier and it -

  • seamlessly integrates with FollowUpBoss 
  • improves coaching & saves time 
  • boosts conversions & profitability

“In 4 months, we saw a 176% increase in our appointments and generated over $17 million in our total sales volume from breached leads. Auctm has helped us save time, provide better coaching, and increase profitability by ensuring leads don’t slip through the cracks.”

Boost Your Profitability & Team Performance With Auctm

The Ames Team generated over $17M hot pipeline in just 4 months! It is your turn to grow.