The Carl Hawthorne Team Recorded 3x Growth In Sales Volume In 5 Months With Auctm’s Lead Management

Auctm & Carl Hawthorne Team

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Associate Broker: Carl Hawthorne

Team: The Carl Hawthorne Team

No. of Agents: 12


CRM: Follow Up Boss

Transaction Management Software: Brokermint

Integration: Auctm


From Q2 To Q3 2021:

Total Sales Volume Increased from $1,099,000 to $3,685,457

Conversion Rate Increased from 2.1% to 7.8%


The Leading Real Estate Team In North Atlanta, GA

The Carl Hawthorne Team is a group of experienced, licensed real estate agents serving the North Atlanta area. They have 12 agents on the team, while the rest of their staff is also licensed.

As a leader, Carl Hawthorne has grown the team to over 200 transactions a year, and based on the projections, the team is hoping and willing to double this number in the upcoming year.


The team wanted a solution that would enable them to focus on:


Lead Management

Extracting the most out of their lead generation spend by optimizing their lead distribution and management process.


Tracking Agent Effort

Analyze the efforts agents are putting in for each lead assigned to them and add an effective layer of agent accountability.

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Data-Driven Coaching

Access a comprehensive set of performance metrics for impactful agent 1:1s and coaching opportunities.

"I think the biggest challenge for us was to be able to just see everything globally that we could not find in our CRM. I've utilized almost every CRM and they all have the issue of just not knowing what's happening to those leads globally."

Lead Management
Prevent likely to convert leads from slipping through the cracks with Auctm’s A.I. Powered Lead Management Dashboard


Agent Performance
Check the performance of your agents and coach them using Auctm’s 1:1 Meets section



Auctm is their single source of truth - it brings opportunities and pain points right to the surface

With their new and improved process of lead management with Auctm, Janet Stuger, the team’s lead manager can easily focus on which leads have not been touched and which ones need to be re-assigned.

They also use Auctm’s 1:1 meetings module to deep-dive into their agent performance metrics which has significantly reduced the length of their meetings and made them more impactful. It removed the stagnation and manual labor of updating spreadsheets and made the process easier and simpler.


"With Auctm, we can just click on each lead and find exactly what they have or have not done (mostly). It's also nice to have a system that is just unbiased, pulling these numbers and lists together."


271% Increase In Conversion Rate & 3x Growth In Total Sales Volume

Auctm immensely helped the team clean up their prior lead management process, provide better coaching opportunities to their agents and conduct data-driven 1:1 meets. Their conversion rate increased from 2.10% to 7.80% in just 5 months.


Conversion % Trendline 2021
Sales Volumne & Summary

Their sale price increased by 230% from $1 Million to $3 Million in just 5 months of using Auctm. Their lead manager now saves at least 2 hours every day and has a bird’s eye view of agent effort on the leads.


"My lead manager can see right away who is touching leads and when they're not touching them, and we can decide that the lead you had is no longer yours. It's going back to someone else who's going to actually nurture them. And sometimes it's not always the fault of the agent."


Knowing What’s Right For Your Team With Analytics


Ideal Number Of Leads

Most agents who are converting well are not taking a massive number of leads. It is important to keep narrowing down the number of leads an agent gets. Base the decision on agent caliber and lead sources.

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Maintaining CRM Hygiene

If the data is not in the system, that means it did not happen. Maintaining CRM hygiene can ensure faster, better, and data-backed decision-making.

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Eliminate Manual Data Entry

Auctm easily integrates with FollowUpBoss CRM and transaction management tools. It becomes a single source of truth and removes the need to check multiple tools and spreadsheets effectively saving time.

"Auctm is really lowering our time to double and triple input things when those systems are talking together. It makes the meetings a lot shorter and frees up time tremendously."

The Carl Hawthorne Team Is Using Auctm To Boost Their Conversions

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